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Tawakkol Karman: We must have a new revolution against the Houthi coup

The Yemeni activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman appealed to the youth of the 11 February Revolution on its fourth anniversary to make that date mark the birth of a new revolution until the coup falls. Yemen is at a crossroads, she added, either drowning in chaos or breaking violent choices.

In a statement issued on yesterday – the anniversary of the country’s first uprising, Karman added that this new revolutionary wave will not stop until the weapons of the army are recaptured, the militias dissolved, and the modern Yemeni state established as a state of freedom, dignity, justice, equality, welfare, democracy, peace and law – values for which the youth rose-up in February 2011.

Karman called on the youth to be present in all freedom arenas and squares in Yemen to renew the commitment and struggle for Yemen, which is at a crossroads today, and it will either sink into chaos and war or the youth can break the violent choices with their great popular and peaceful will.

She noted that this anniversary is passing while Yemen is not well after the Houthi militias have led their coup against the Yemeni people’s will through occupying their capital, dropping their sovereign state institutions, robbing their camps, exhausting the state with wars, murders, the confiscation of freedoms and violations of rights, in an attempt to destroy all the rules of political work and blow up all the traditions of institutional state so as to impose their unilateral will to fulfil their whims of exclusivity and domination, and to implement regional agendas.

“You are gathered today on the revolution’s anniversary,” she added, “to prove, with your peaceful masses in squares and arenas, that anyone, whoever they are, cannot defy Yemen’s will… And you are invited to clearly say that what was done by the Houthi militias is absolutely a coup, and must be overthrown in order to preserve Yemen’s security, stability and unity as well as the security of the region and international peace and security.”

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