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PLO to decide on PA future and financial crisis

February 19, 2015 at 11:49 am

Informed senior sources said that the PLO is to hold a meeting at the start of next month to make key decisions regarding the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s financial crisis and its security cooperation with Israeli, Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper reported yesterday.

According to the sources, the PLO meeting is also to discuss the fate of the PA and whether it is needed in light of the current financial crisis.

The sources said that the decisions to be taken might not be immediately implemented, however they would be ready to be applied at any time.

Previously, member of the Fatah Central Committee Nabil Shaath said that the current situation represented by the “continuous Israeli stealing of the Palestinian money” puts the issue of the security cooperation in question.

Shaath wondered what the need for security cooperation with Israel was for as it blocks “our” money and “we” bear all the costs. “These issues are on the agenda of the PLO meeting due next month,” he said.

In addition, Shaath said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas had told EU leaders during his latest tour that the PA cannot carry out its missions in light of the current situation. “The situation is very dangerous,” he said, “Israel and the international community are responsible for this.”

He also said that Abbas has been internationalising the Palestinian issue in order to be ready for dissolving the PA in case the situation remained complicated. He also insisted that the PA is going ahead with joining the International Criminal Court even if the Israeli left won the elections.