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Tunisia will win against terrorism, insists Ghannouchi

March 23, 2015 at 1:04 pm

The Head of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannouchi, has said that the country is united and will win against terrorism, Anadolu reported on Sunday. He was speaking in the wake of the terrorist attack on the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, which killed 23 people.

“Tunis needs unity today, not anyone using the [museum attack] for political reasons,” the veteran Islamist said on the fringe of an Ennahda Shura Council meeting. “There are some people who want to exploit it to accuse other parties.”

This, he said, is a test to see if Tunisia is ready for democracy, by maintaining state institutions and fighting against terrorism. “All must remain united in the face of terrorism,” he insisted. “This way, democracy, the state and national unity will win.”

The Head of the Shura Council, Fathi Al-Aydi, described the museum attack as a “big disaster” that requires Ennahda to study the repercussions of what happened. He also called for unity in the face of such aggression.

“Terrorism has hit the capital and targeted one of its most important sites,” he said, “so all political parties are advised to put a stop to the political rhetoric which separates Tunisians instead of bringing them together.”

Ennahda’s Shura Council will stand beside the government, added Al-Aydi. He called for all Tunisians to do the same for the sake of the country’s success in the battle against terrorism.