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US imposes restrictions on vessels from Libya

April 13, 2015 at 11:07 am

The United States Coast Guards (USCG) announced that it will impose new conditions of entry on ships arriving from all ports in Libya, the Anadolu Agency reported.

“Starting from 24 April the USCG will impose new conditions of entry on vessels coming from all ports in Libya and heading to the United States,” the USCG said in a statement on Friday.

The statement pointed out that the new conditions of entry are intended to “protect the United States from vessels arriving from countries that have been found to have deficient port anti-terrorism measures in place.”

It noted that the “US Coast Guard does not find ports in Libya maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures and finds that Libya’s legal regime, designated authority oversight, access control and cargo control are all deficient.”

Former head of maritime security in the port of Tobruk, Ibrahim Abdullah told Anadolu: “Anti- terrorism measures call for a thorough inspection of each passenger and crew member on board each ship that arrives in the port and insure that it does not carry potentially explosive material.”

Abdullah pointed out that due to the lack of resources Libyan ports are no longer able to apply effective anti-terrorism measures.

Libya’s WAL news agency said the country has become the 17th in the world to which the USSG placed extra maritime restrictions.