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Gazan resistance monitors Israeli infiltration attempt

Special Israeli forces tried on Tuesday night to infiltrate the eastern outskirts of the province of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, security sources said.

The sources told a Safa agency correspondent that the special forces that were monitored by the Palestinian resistance movements included 20 soldiers on foot near the military location of Sofa, northeast of Rafah, at midnight.

The sources pointed out that “the resistance, in turn, had to set up many ambushes and were on alert to deal with them, but the force withdrew after it penetrated almost 50 metres into Gaza because it apparently felt that it was being monitored.”

According to the same sources, the operation was accompanied by intensive and low-flying Israeli surveillance aircrafts which extended to cover the majority of the province’s areas, and continued until noon yesterday.

This is not the first time Israel has entered the Gaza Strip using ground troops in direct violation of the Egypt-backed ceasefire agreement signed between Palestinian factions and Israel last summer, which brought the 51-day Israeli assault on Gaza to an end.

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