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Sinai jihadists blame Brotherhood’s choice of democracy for troubles

A Sinai-based jihadist group blames the Muslim Brotherhood’s choice of democracy over jihad for the movement’s troubles, including the prison sentence handed down to ousted President Mohamed Morsi. By opting for the ballot box instead of jihad, claimed Wilayat Sinai, the Brotherhood had only brought humiliation and disgrace to its members.

Wilayat Sinai is alleged to be the “official arm” of ISIS official in the region. It has released a video with the title, “O people of Egypt, the glory of Jihad or humiliation of peacefulness!” which includes clips from Morsi’s trial along with 12 other Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Several jihadist media platforms have circulated the video on social networks along with an audio clip of the Islamic movement’s Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badie, telling supporters, “I say our revolution is peaceful and will remain peaceful. Our peacefulness is stronger than bullets.”

The jihadist video mocked Badie’s statement, arguing that the Muslim Brotherhood should have followed the “path of God” and abandoned democracy. “This is what happened when the Muslim Brotherhood wanted pride and dignity against God’s instructions; it adopted democracy instead of jihad and the result was humiliation and shame. Despite all that came upon it, the leadership stuck with democracy which resulted in more prosecution against young Muslim men and women.”

The group claimed that in the “state of Sinai, our jihadists followed God’s instructions and won pride and dignity and people’s appreciation.”

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