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Egypt will intervene on the ground in Yemen, if necessary, says foreign minister

May 25, 2015 at 1:34 pm

Egypt’s foreign minister has expressed his hope that all of the relevant Yemeni parties will reach a peaceful political agreement that preserves the stability and territorial integrity of the country. “However,” said Sameh Shoukry, “Egypt will participate in the Yemen alliance by air, sea and on the ground if necessary.” He added that as that stage has not been reached yet, there is no immediate necessity for ground intervention in Yemen.

Shoukry expressed Egypt’s deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Yemen and the attack on legitimacy by armed militias. Nevertheless, he stressed his belief that the Houthis should be a party to any solution because they are part of Yemeni society and they have interests, so they are supposed to be present within the dialogue.

Speaking to Zina Yazji on Sky News Arabic television, the foreign minister insisted that there is no way to resolve the Yemeni crisis except through national dialogue in which the interests of the Yemeni people prevail. The terms of the UN Security Council resolution should be applied, he explained, as there are parties in Yemen who reject the attack on the legitimacy and also see the need to reach an agreement with the army.