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Hamas: Israel plans to expel more Arabs from Jaffa

June 8, 2015 at 10:09 am

Senior Hamas leader Izzat Al-Reshiq described an Israeli settlement project in Jaffa as a new expulsion effort carried out by Israel against Palestinians, Felesteen newspaper reported yesterday.

“The new settlement project to be built on the remains of Palestinian houses in Al-Nuzha neighbourhood in occupied Jaffa is considered a form of ethnic cleansing and new expulsion for Palestinian residents,” Al-Reshiq wrote on Facebook.

Al-Reshiq called for facing such Judiasation efforts, saying: “Fighting Judaisation and expulsion efforts in Jaffa and all parts of occupied Palestine must go through a united resistance plan aiming to protect the lands and defend rights and principles.”

Since the occupation of the Palestinian city of Jaffa in 1948, Al-Reshiq said, expulsion plans have not stopped and the occupation has been continuous in its “terrorism”.

He stressed that the Palestinians, who were determined and remained on their land, would be the winners in the end.