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Egypt rejects Saudi mediation to restore relations with Hamas

Egyptian authorities have informed Saudi Arabia that Cairo does not intend to restore relations with the Palestinian Islamist Movement Hamas, QudsNet reported on Monday.

According to QudsNet, the pro-regime Egyptian newspaper Al-Bawaba said that: “Egypt told Saudi Arabia that it does not think of discussing any project that the Muslim Brotherhood is part of, and it will not accept even the proposal of such issue.”

The newspaper said that during his recent visit to Cairo the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair had made a proposal to Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi along the lines that Egyptian officials meet Hamas officials in Riyadh, but Egypt refused.

Al-Sisi, according to the newspaper, warned Saudi Arabia that “the Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to Arab national security in general and specifically to that of Egypt.”

Al-Bawaba reported more differences between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, including disagreements regarding the Syrian revolution and the Yemeni issue.

On Syria, Egypt does not want to deal with the opposition, a major part of which is supported by Saudi Arabia. Egypt believes that Assad must remain in office because his removal would bring Islamists to power, who Egypt believes would pose danger to its security.

Meanwhile, Egypt is furious about Saudi’s insistence to include the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood in a potential government coalition that might be formed after the end of the Saudi-led military operation against the Houthis.

Such issue also caused a crisis between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which is a strong and “blind” ally of Egypt.

Egyptian discussions with Yemenis loyal to ousted Yemeni president have also stirred tensions between Cairo and Riyadh.

The Egyptian newspaper said that Egypt and the UAE insist on not allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in any government of the Arab states and to impose heavy sanctions and surveillance on the movement.

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