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Libyan FM: UN arms embargo must be lifted to help fight Daesh

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Dairi called on the international community to help end a UN arms embargo imposed on Libya in order to aid it in its battle against Daesh, warning that the group is planning to a create a "base" in the country.

"The situation is very serious. Daesh exists today in Darnah, Benghazi, Sirte and Sabratha, west of Tripoli," Al-Dairi told reporters.

"The terrorist group has not been able to control the oil wells yet, however, it may succeed later," he added.

He said Libya was abandoned after 2011, but recently the international community renewed its support for the Libyan people, however the support level is still below expectations.

He said the country does not want any foreign intervention on the ground from the Arab world or the West, however it needs some arms and aerial support against Daesh.

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