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Naked clown activists issue apology to Palestinians after protesting at wall separating Israel with West Bank

A group of nude Spanish activists who staged a protest at the wall separating Israel and the West bank – while wearing nothing but clown noses – have apologised after offending Palestinians.

Members of the group Pallasos en Rebedia, which translates to Clowns in Rebellion, bared all in solidarity with people living in the occupied territories.

تُعلن مجموعة "المهرّجون الثّائرون" على الملأ، ومن خلال المُتحدّث باسم المجموعة، إيفان برادو، أنّها تستميح عذرًا من جميع …

Posted by Pallasos en Rebeldía on Thursday, 17 September 2015

However, after the group published the images on Facebook, they suffered a backlash from Palestinians and supporters of their plight over their unusual campaign tactics, according to The Local.

Some Facebook users commented "shame on them" while others asked if the nudity was necessary and said they should consider that the Muslim community in Palestinian territories may have "different principles".

The group justified their actions, saying "when you stand before this shameful wall, all humanity is naked".

However, the group later issued an apology on Facebook to "any Palestinians who may feel offended by our action against the wall of shame that pierces the West Bank and every human heart".

"This is not an attack on Islam, it is our way of protesting [against] the existence of the wall," Iván Prado, spokesman for the group added.

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