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UK used Israeli Tamuz missiles in Iraq

Israel supplied Tamuz missiles to the UK during its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2007, Haaretz revealed yesterday.

According to the newspaper, Israel supplied the missile to the UK to help its army face landmines and short-range rockets which were used by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Haaretz noted that the British army did not have weapons to face small moveable targets; therefore, Israel supplied this missile to the British army.

The British army, the newspaper said, might use these missiles in a potential confrontation with Daesh in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Until 2007, the Israeli army abstained from revealing its abilities regarding this missile, which is developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defence Systems and sold to a number of countries.

After the second Lebanese war in 2006, the Israeli army announced that it owned 500 missiles of this kind. It said it used them against landmines and anti-tank missiles during the war.

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