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Iran has rockets ‘to attack Saudi Arabia’

Iran’s Brigadier-General Morteza Qurbani has revealed that there are 2,000 rockets waiting for the orders of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to attack Saudi Arabia, Fars news agency has reported.

“Iranians must not be afraid of the enemy threats,” said the head of the Revolution and Defence Museum. “We won the war with Iraq with the least military equipment, but if Khamenei gave his orders today to attack Saudi Arabia, we have 2,000 rockets ready to set off from Isfahan.”

Qurbani, who is a close aide to the commander of Al-Quds Brigade, General Qasim Suleimani, added: “When the war with Iraq started, Saddam Hussein said he wanted to have lunch in Al-Mahmarah and his dinner in Al-Ahwaz, then to head for Tehran. However, we stopped him and liberated our cities from the Iraqi occupation at that time when we were suffering from a strict siege.”

He explained that the lines of defence for the Iranian revolution are today in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. “We are ready to carry out the orders of Khamenei and move anywhere he wants.”

Iran-Saudi relations have been difficult since the Iranian revolution in 1979. They deteriorated further after the start of the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, with the Sunni government in Riyadh sensing an increased threat from Shia across the region.

Earlier this week, the Saudi-led Arab coalition seized an Iranian ship carrying weapons to Houthis in Yemen.

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