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Notorious 'Eurabia' professor removed from panel event at Parliament

A notorious professor who believes “Islam” could “take control of Europe” was removed from a panel event held in Parliament last week, after concerns were raised.

The event, chaired by Conservative MP Mike Freer, took place on November 9, and discussed “BBC Middle East coverage within the framework of Britain’s counter-extremism strategy.” It was organised by pro-Israel advocacy groups.

Richard Landes, who believes that “the European democratic civilization can fall before the Islamic challenge” and has blogged about “a wave of Muslims raping Norwegian Infidels”, was originally due to speak as part of the Freer-chaired event.

However, according to Landes, he was “kicked off” the panel so as not to “embarrass” the Tory MP, who Landes subsequently slammed on Twitter as “pathetic” for “his timidity.”

Concerns about the event and Landes’ participation were first raised a month ago in a blog post by Ben White for Middle East Monitor.

More recently, the head of Islamophobia monitor Tell MAMA also criticised the inclusion of Landes.

While Mike Freer has declined to publicly comment nor distanced himself from Landes’ views, it would appear that behind the scenes, the Tory MP felt the professor was just too toxic.

Landes did, however, speak the next day at a separate event run by pro-Israel advocacy groups.

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