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Israeli companies donating to support settlements

Many Israeli companies, including publicly held businesses, that have been supporting and making financial donations to Israeli settlements over the past few years, Haaretz’s Uri Blau has revealed.

The companies include Tnuva, Cellcom, Bank Hapoalim, the chocolate firm Hashachar Ha’ole and petrochemical companies. Their contribution is greater than the one per cent of their annual profits which they are legally required to distribute to the local community.

Haaretz’s examination of dozens of documents has shown that these companies have donated millions of shekels to the settlement communities across the Green Line, in the form of building synagogues in the settlements. The settlements include Itamar, the Ateret Yerushalayim Yeshiva and Elon Moreh.

CEO of the chocolate spread manufacturer Hashachar Ha’ole, Moshe Weidberg, said: “Our company donates six per cent of its revenue a year. I believe in a Greater Land of Israel, which you call ‘the occupied territories’, and I wish I could donate even more.”

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