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An Islamic alliance against whom?

There is no doubt that finding an Islamic alliance or organisation that will lead to comprehensive Islamic unity is the aspiration and hope of every Muslim who truly loves their religion and works loyally for its sake. With this in mind, Saudi Arabia’s recent announcement of the formation of an Islamic alliance consisting of 34 Muslim countries was met with enthusiasm from some quarters. However, the fact that these countries were not given prior notice that they would be joining the Saudi-led alliance (indeed, the leaders of the 33 countries were surprised when the Saudi Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman listed their names during a press conference in which he announced the formation of a Sunni Muslim alliance to combat terrorism) has raised the suspicions of some who had high hopes for an alliance with the power to liberate Jerusalem, and maybe even Palestine in its entirety, and save it from Zionist desecration. These optimists also believed that the alliance could serve to support Muslims across the world and rescue them from the oppression and injustice they are suffering in their homelands.

However, the goal of the alliance seems to be something entirely different; the combat of “terrorism”. But how does this alliance define the concept of “terrorism”, a notoriously slippery term that even the UN has not been able to reach a specific definition of? Currently, the UN definition takes its cue from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which determine who is and who is not a terrorist as it continues to persecute the Muslim Brotherhood in its country.

It is only natural that the news of the Muslims Brotherhood and other Islamic movements being declared “terrorist” organisations would be leaked and published by Saudi Arabia’s Al-Watan newspaper. We can link this to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement last week of a report on the Muslim Brotherhood, which he still has not explicitly cleared of extremism and violence. Instead, he denied that the Brotherhood was a terrorist group, but he did admit to putting its members and activities under surveillance. The timing of the report’s announcement – a report that was completed over two years ago – and the fact that only parts of the report were announced, has caused great suspicion and doubt. This is especially because we have found out that the report was prepared at the insistence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and that the former Saudi ambassador to the UK was a member of the committee that prepared the report. We also discovered that the UAE pumped billions of dollars into purchasing weapons, companies and even sports clubs to put pressure on the British government in order for them to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood and label it as a terrorist organisation.

This explains the secret phone call last Thursday between Cameron and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed prior to the parliamentary session in which the report was announced. We are now able to infer the purpose of the call and the promises made by Cameron to Zayed – but did Cameron please and comfort Zayed? Of course not, as Zayed wanted Cameron to say one definitive sentence; he wanted him to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, nothing more.

All these events are linked to each other and the timing is important in order for us to understand what is being plotted and conspired against the Brotherhood and Muslims as a whole. It has become undoubtedly clear that this is part of a larger war on Islam in its various forms. We can see that a war has been waged against anyone waving the flag of Islam and that this alleged “alliance” is only a cover for this new Crusader war against our Muslim countries. It will unfortunately spearhead the war against Muslims, and Muslims will be killing their fellow Muslims on the battlefield while the Western countries (with their Russian ally) will continue carrying out bombings and strikes from their planes in the sky.

However, the Lord of the earth and skies will thwart their efforts and show them his signs. Only those who are arrogant combat God’s religion, but God will humiliate them and prevent their efforts: “And Allah is predominant over His affairs, but most of the people do not know.” We must not despair and have hope, as God’s victory will inevitably come. We are living in a time when the good is distinguished from the bad, and the masks of many have fallen. The process of distinction is still ongoing and it will continue until the Islamic community is purified of the desecration of the hypocrites.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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