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Cold weather front hits Palestine

A cold weather front has hit Palestine for the past three days, although it is expected to end on Saturday, forecasters have reported. Heavy rainfall has affected all of occupied Palestine.

The Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip have been the most hit by the extreme cold; thousands are still displaced without proper shelter following the Israeli military offensive more than 16 months ago.

The blockade led by Israel, with Egyptian and international backing, has prevented spare parts being imported to repair and replace adequate water drainage systems. In an effort to avoid the repeat of last year’s flooding, the Palestinian government in Gaza has dug deep pools in low-lying areas and is channelling surface water towards them.

The economy is taking a further battering during the cold spell, with fishermen being unable to set sail. Palestinian civil defence officers ordered small fishing vessels to be taken out of the water, fearing that they would be destroyed by the high waves.

Images by MEMO Photographer Mohammed Asad.

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