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Yemeni minister: UN failed to provide relief to Taiz

January 19, 2016 at 11:05 am

All UN efforts to provide relief to Taiz have failed, reported Yemen’s Local Affairs Minister Abdel Raqib Fatah saying yesterday.

“All efforts done by the UN organisations to provide aid to the Governorate of Taiz have failed so far,” Fatah said in a press conference held in Riyadh. He noted that only the King Salman Centre for Relief and Work has been able to drop some aid from the air.

Fatah, who heads the Relief Committee, added: “The World Food Programme and the International Organisation for Migration sent 100 truckloads of food aid and they were blocked by the Houthi and Saleh militias in Al-Hoban and Bier Basha in Taiz.”

According to the minister, Doctors without Borders had two truckloads of medicines dropped to two hospitals in Taiz after five months of negotiations.

The minister stressed that the tragedy of the Yemeni people has been aggravating by the “militia coup war” launched against a number of cities.

Regarding future measures, the minister said that a joint plan for the relief is set to be launched on 26 January, noting that a number of Gulf states would take part in it. He also said that Qatar would soon hold a conference on cooperation among suppliers of aid to Yemen.

The World Health Organisation announced two days ago that five truckloads of assistance and 500 oxygen containers had been blocked from entering Taiz since 14 December 2015.

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