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Union of Muslim Scholars in Iraq warns of collapse of Mosul Dam

January 30, 2016 at 2:52 pm

 The Union of Muslim Scholars has strongly condemned the negligence of successive Iraqi governments regarding the maintenance of the Mosul Dam, warning of serious dangers if it was to collapse, Quds Press reported on Friday.

The Union said in a statement that specialists have been warning of the possibility of the dam’s collapse for a long time as urgently needed maintenance was halted.

“This dam obstructs about eight billion cubic meters of water,” the statement said. “In case it was collapsed, there would be a real typhoon.”

According to the Union, the warning alerts raised by specialists and different international sides have been repeatedly ignored.

“Collapse of the dam will take the lives of millions of civilians,” the Union’s statement said.

The Union also accused the consecutive Iraqi governments of adopting sectarian policies aimed at neglecting the Sunnis.

“The sectarian governments does not feel it enough to let Iraq sink in a sea of blood, but they want to increase its tragedy by having it sunk in water,” the statement added.

Situated on the Tigris River, the dam is the largest in Iraq and the fourth-largest in the Middle East.

Since the US invasion of Iraq, regular maintenance of the dam has been halted and specialists have repeatedly warned of its possible collapse.

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