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UAE accused of targeting Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Yemen

File photo of Muslim brotherhood members.
File photo of Muslim Brotherhood members in court

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is accused of assassinating a number of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in Yemen in order to undermine their expected role in a possible future solution for the crisis in the country, Almesryoon.com reported yesterday.

On Monday, senior leader of the Yemeni Reformation Congress, which is affiliated with the MB, Sheikh Saleh Salem Bin-Halees was assassinated in the south of the country. This came just hours after the assassination of another leader in the governorate of Thammar.

In April, Hassan Al-Ye’ari, head of the Shura Council of the Reformation Congress, was assassinated. Several were killed during clashes while others were arrested in the southern part of Yemen.

Monitors accused the UAE of carrying out these assassinations in order to undermine the role of the MB in any future solution in the country.

The UAE is also accused of encouraging the division of the country as Yemenis from the north were forced to leave South Yemen.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash has previously accused the MB in Yemen of cooperating with Al-Qaeda, claiming he had “tangible” evidence. He did not provide any.

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