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Islamic-Christian group warns of new settlement plan in Hebron

The Islamic-Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites yesterday warned of the dangers of a new Israeli settlement plan in the heart of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, QudsNet reported.

Secretary-General of the commission Hanna Issa said building Israeli settlements on Palestinian state land is "illegal" and it is a "flagrant violation" of international humanitarian law based on the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949.

He described as "new organised Israeli piracy" based on "fake or weak religious and historic bases" or "security and defence".

Peace can only be achieved after "taking tangible measures to oblige Israel to commit to the rule of the international community and the resolution of international legitimacy related to the full halt of Israeli settlements in 1967 lands."

The Palestinian Authority vowed to turn to the Israeli Supreme Court, United Nations and international courts to stop the Israeli settlement plan. "We stress the need for immediate action to prevent the implementation of this new settlement plan," it said in a statement.

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