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Hungarian government: Europe has ‘no-go zones’ due to migrants

September 22, 2016 at 12:55 pm

A page from an anti-migrant booklet passed out by the Hungarian government. The title on the left side reads, “The forcible relocation endangers our culture and traditions.” On the right side it says, “Several hundred ‘no-go’ areas in Europe’s big cities.” [Human Rights Watch]

The Hungarian government has issued a leaflet urging people to vote no in an upcoming referendum on EU migrant quotas on the grounds that parts of Europe have become “no-go zones” where the authorities are unable to maintain control and social norms do not apply, because of migrants and refugees.

It depicts a map marking out various cities across Europe with a “no-go” sign. UK cities which have been highlighted include Southampton and Peterborough whilst Paris, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm and Copenhagen have also been flagged up.

The leaflet also warns that terrorists might slip into crowds of immigrants.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told BBC2’s Newsnight: “We based this information on open, official reports given by the police of the respective countries and from the news.”

“There are no-go zones in Europe and we don’t want no-go zones in Hungary.”

On 2 October Hungary will hold a referendum on whether to accept mandatory EU quotas for relocating migrants from main entry points, like Italy and Greece, to other EU countries. Hungary would be required to take 1,500 migrants and refugees.

Last year Hungary built a fence along its border with Serbia and Croatia to keep out refugees who were travelling from the Balkans to northern Europe, leaving many of them stranded on the border for weeks.