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Sisi: Egyptians will not let me serve more than 4 years

Egyptians will not allow President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to serve more than four years in office, American magazine Politico reported him saying.

In an interview with the CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Al-Sisi described Egypt as a state of constitution and law and denied dictatorship in the country.

Burnett asked Al-Sisi about comments made by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticising dictatorship and rights violations in Egypt. He said: "I will answer this question in two ways: I believe that that statement was not made after our most recent meeting between myself and Mrs Clinton."

"But also in Egypt there will not be a chance for any dictatorship because in Egypt there is a constitution, there is law and there the will of the people which will refuse to allow any leader to stay in his position for any period longer than his term which is four years."

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