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Algerians support Saudi against US legislation, but criticise stance in Yemen

An Algerian political sciences lecturer called on Monday for the Algerian authorities and the Arab states to support Saudi Arabia against America's "Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" (JASTA), Quds Press has reported. Abul-Ali Razaqi acknowledged the stagnant relations between his country and Saudi Arabia due to the latter's stance regarding the Western Sahara but suggested that this does not justify its "silence" about JASTA.

"There must be a difference between two things: JASTA, which must be rejected because it does not target Saudi Arabia alone, but all Arab and Islamic countries as well, and Saudi's disputed stance towards Syria and Yemen," he explained. "Algeria insists on the principle of not interfering in other states' internal affairs." This, he claimed, is why Algiers is silent about US and Russian interference in the Arab world.

Meanwhile, the chief editor of Algerian newspaper Al-Fajr severely criticised Saudi Arabia in Monday's editorial. Hidda Hizam wrote, "Hajj money is used to kill sons of Yemen and Syria." Accusing Saudi Arabia of killing of children in Yemen, she claimed that this is "part of the conspiracy" between Riyadh and the international community.

"While the Arabic and Western media condemns what is going on in Aleppo," she added, "it turns its back on what is happening in Yemen, fearing the halt of Saudi oil money which is stained with the blood of Yemeni children."

Hizam insisted that Saudi is not fighting Shia expansion, but in order to dominate Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, control international trade and put pressure on Iran and the oil market.

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