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Iraqi Red Crescent: 80,000 displaced from Mosul

November 18, 2016 at 1:34 pm

The Iraqi Red Crescent reported yesterday evening that the number of those displaced from the Iraqi city of Mosul has reached over 79,000 since the beginning of the operation to regain control from Daesh on 17 October.

The report published by the Red Crescent confirmed that the number of displaced people a month after the beginning of operations in Mosul reached 79,192 people from various parts of the city.

It also reported that the displaced individuals are staying in the north, in Hassan Sham and Khazer refugee camps in Erbil, Zilkan camp in Dohuk, Jada’a camp in Al-Qayarah located in Nineveh.

“Red Crescent teams provided various lunches to all the displaced individuals. The number of meals distributed was over 45,000 meals and 12,000 food baskets,” the organisation reported.

The teams also provided relief supplies to over 6,000 people who are still in the areas of Hamam Al-Aleel, south of Mosul, and Al-Intisar neighbourhood, to the east.

Iyad Rafed of the Iraqi Red Crescent told the Anadolu Agency yesterday that nearly 1,500 civilians were displaced during the last 24 hours from the eastern and northern parts of Mosul in light of the ongoing battles between the security forces and Daesh.