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Bangladesh worker in Saudi showered with gifts after cyber abuse

December 6, 2016 at 4:51 pm

Gold store, 6 December 2016 [Theodore Scott/Wikipedia]

When photographer Shatha Alshareef took a photo of Bangladeshi street cleaner for her portfolio, she had absolutely no idea it would receive the reaction it did.

Sixty-five-year-old Nazer Al-Islam Abdul Karim, an expat living in Saudi Arabia, was photographed by Shatha without his knowledge. She then uploaded it to her Instagram account as part of her street photography collection.


The photo was then stolen by another account, mocking Nazer Al-Islam looking at the gold in the shop window. The caption used with the picture read: “His limit is to look at rubbish hahahahahaa.”

While Nazer was mocked by one social media user, he received support beyond his imagination from others.

When Abdullah Al-Qahtani the owner of the Ensaneyat Twitter account saw the comments mocking Nazer, he set out to find him.

Translation: Peace be upon you all
I urge those who know this worker to get in touch with me.
There is a set of gold waiting for him

After he was found, he was flooded with gifts, including an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, money, a return ticket to Bangladesh, food, and of course, gold.

Translation: We found the worker and we fulfilled our commitment.
May Allah accept your efforts.

Shatha also responded to the events that followed her photo being stolen from Instagram. She too was surprised, but nonetheless, happy.