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Reports: Daughters ask fathers to kill them before being raped by Assad forces

December 14, 2016 at 10:49 am

People light candles and hold posters next to the Russian consulate, during a demonstration to protest Assad regime forces’ and its supporters’ attacks on civilians and the humanitarian plight in Aleppo, on December 13, 2016 in New York, United States [Mohammed Elshamy / Anadolu Agency]

A number of tweets have appeared on social media showing the grisly horror of the situation unfolding in Aleppo.

Tweets were being circulated about fathers in Eastern Aleppo asking religious scholars if it was permissible to kill their daughters before they are captured and raped by Assad, Hezbollah, and Iranian militias. There was also Facebook posts about girls facing the prospect of  being raped by the Syrian army wanting to commit suicide instead.

Last messages from Aleppo as Syria regime massacres women and children

Videos and tweets flooded in as Syrian regime forces and sectarian militias trapped 50,000 people in eastern Aleppo. The UN described the situation as “a complete meltdown of humanity” as reports of massacres came through.

Activists on the ground reported that Hezbollah militia carried out most of the mass executions in the besieged city.

Prominent Syrian religious scholar, Muhammed Al-Yaqoubi tweeted in despair about fathers in Eastern Aleppo asking religious scholars, like him, if it was permissible to kill their daughters before they are captured and raped by Assad, Hezbollah, and Iranian militias.

The religious leader who fled Syria tweeted on Tuesday, that he was receiving questions from Aleppo, including whether “a man can kill his wife or sister before she is raped by Assad Forces in front of him.”

A separate message on Facebook was posted by a Syrian activist relaying the message from a girl in Aleppo  facing the prospect of being raped. In her desperate plea she said:

“To all the religious leaders and scholars of the world. To all those who are supposedly carrying the burden on their shoulder. I am one of Aleppo’s girls who awaits rape within a few hours. There are no men nor arms to stand between us and the monster whom are called the Syrian army.

I don’t want anything from you, not even prayers. I am still able to talk and I believe my prayers are more sincere then yours. All what I am asking for is don’t take God’s place and judge me when I kill myself. I am going to kill myself and I don’t care if you doom me to hell.

I am committing suicide because I didn’t survive all those time in my father’s home for nothing!! My father who died from sorrow and fear for who he left behind. I am committing suicide so my body isn’t any sort of pleasure for those who couldn’t even dare to mention Aleppo’s name a few days ago.

I am committing suicide in Aleppo because the day of judgment just happened and I don’t think hell is worse then what we are living.

I will kill myself and I know you are going to unite over judging my destiny to hell. I know the only thing that will unite you all is a girl committing suicide. I am not your mom or your sister or wife. I am just a girl you don’t care about.

I am going to finish my statement with saying your fatwa doesn’t mean anything to me and doesn’t interest me anymore. Keep it for your family.

I am killing myself and when u read this You should know I just died pure and untouched in spite of you all.”

This was first reported by Beyond the media reports and tweets, we are currently unable to confirm the reports.