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Source: Iran gave green light to Saudi Embassy bombing

December 19, 2016 at 12:25 pm

Image of the Saudi embassy in Tehran after the attack in January 2016 [Mohammad Delkesh/Wikipedia]

The alleged mastermind of the Saudi Embassy attack in Iran has confessed that the attack was carried out with approval from the Iranian government.

According to a leaked audio message by the alleged mastermind, the Iranian regime had an involvement in the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran in January 2016.

Hassan Kurdmihan, who belongs to the militias of Ansar Hezbollah in Karaj, can be heard directing members of the Basij, a volunteer militia in Iran, and revolutionary guards to burn and destroy the embassy.

Kurdmihan was arrested by Iranian authorities in January 2016 but released ten months later.

In the audio message, Kurdmihan can be heard telling his followers: “The attack has been carried out upon a green light from the government and the regime. This is why security forces allowed raiding the embassy and did not act [against us].”

He had also spoken about the “collusion” of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s government which he claimed did not prevent the attack on the embassy but rather facilitated it.

In an open letter directed at Rouhani in August, Kurdmihan said: “The government’s collusion in the attack was clear as it would have been able to prevent the attackers if it had wanted to,” adding that “the attackers were expected to be beaten up by police and security forces.”