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‘End the siege on Gaza in 2017’

January 7, 2017 at 5:40 am

Head of the Popular Committee for Resisting the Siege (PCRS), Jamal Al-Khadri, called on the world to work on making 2017 the year that ends the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. He confirmed that a number of Arab and international parties agreed to work together to achieve this.

During a press conference and march on Thursday, attended by a number of PCRS members and dozens of citizens near the Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing yesterday, Al-Khadri stressed the need for joint Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and international work to end the illegal and immoral siege.

He noted that all of the international and UN reports, and even the Israeli reports, talk about the dangerous situation in Gaza and warn against the dangers the situation causes. These require an immediate response to end the suffering that has continued for a decade.

Al-Khadri also stated that 1.5 million citizens rely mainly on relief aid provided by Arab and international institutions. They are not enough and do not meet their needs, noting that the average daily income for an individual is $2, while 80 per cent live under the poverty line.

The PCRS head added: “Our people are persevering and are patient despite their suffering, but the need more action and work in order to reinforce this perseverance.”

He reiterated his call to immediately end the Palestinian division and unite in the face of the Israeli policies and measures that affect the Palestinians in Gaza by means of the siege and closure, in the West Bank by means of the Separation Wall and settlements, and in Jerusalem by means of the attempts to Judaise the city and persecute Jerusalemites as well as Arab-Israelis.