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Egyptian actress sparks fury over controversial polygamy remarks

Intisar Mohamed, told audiences that if a woman knows that her husband wants to marry another she should not object.

An Egyptian actress and TV show host has raised the hackles of Egyptian women after making controversial remarks that appeared to be advising married women to accept that their husbands should be able to marry several wives in order to avoid "illegitimate relationships".

Speaking on her show Nafsana on the "Cairo and the People" channel, the actress, Intisar Mohamed, told audiences that if a woman knows that her husband wants to marry another she should not object and if they are already married to another woman then they must accept the situation.

In suggestions that it was better for a man to have a second wife than to have a mistress, Intisar further explained that the woman's acceptance of her husband being married already to another is better than having him get involved in "illegitimate relationships" which would provoke endless problems for the couple.

One of the TV show guests could be seen shaking her head seemingly in disgust at the Egyptian star's comments, and clutching at her chest whilst frowning, indicating that she was sickened by Intisar's point of view.

Under Egyptian law, polygamy is legal and men are allowed by law to marry up to four wives. Nevertheless, it is still socially controversial with increasing numbers of women finding the practice unacceptable, leading to increased incidences of divorce.

Intisar has caused controversy in the past after she revealed that she herself watches pornography and further encouraged youth who are unable to marry to also watch pornographic films so as to help them to remain "patient" as they awaited their opportunity to get married.

Arab TV programmes usually do not shy away from controversy and always make headlines one way or another. Clips from a Moroccan programme last year went viral after women were shown how to cover up beatings from domestic abuse with makeup.

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