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Video analysis undermines Israeli claims about Umm al-Hiran 'attack'

An investigation of footage recorded in Umm al-Hiran during this week's violent demolition raid has undermined authorities' claims about the circumstances surrounding the killing of local resident Yaqoub Abu Al-Qi'an , whose car hit and killed a police officer.

Israeli police immediately insisted that a terrorist 'car-ramming' attack had taken place, and Al-Qi'an , a well-respected teacher and father, was in some way connected to Daesh. No evidence to substantiate these claims have yet been produced.

In a video produced by Activestills and Forensic Architecture, the sequence of events is analysed comparing footage shot by activists and police drone footage of the same incident.

"By synchronizing the clips and photos taken on the ground, while at the same time layering the sound from the Activestills video over the silent police tape, the investigators were able to determine that police opened fire on Abu Al-Qi'an 's car before he sped up."

In an additional disturbing finding, the video shows that "after the car has stopped completely, a final gunshot is heard. According to Forensic Architecture and Activestills, this is what Israeli security forces term a 'verification killing' — shooting to kill an already incapacitated individual."

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