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Global tech giants oppose Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

February 7, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Demonstrators against President Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban come together at Los Angeles International Airport on 5th February 2017 [Mintaha Neslihan Eroğlu/Anadolu]

Some of the leading technology companies and business giants in the world have joined in opposing President Donald Trump’s Executive Order barring entry and revoking visas from citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter joined global technology giant Apple and a host of other household names like Google and Ebay, over the weekend, to support an petition to the Court of Appeals in Washington opposing Trump’s Executive Order.

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In their brief to the United States District Judge James L. Robart the industry giants said that they opposed the decision “because [this order] is contrary to American values and what truly makes America great.”

They explained to the court why the business community is concerned with the legality and the effects of the order. Citing reasons as to why they think the executive order is unlawful and unconstitutional, the brief concluded that the order is contrary to the values and standards set by the companies themselves; “it judges people based on the accident of the location of their birth rather than any merit as individuals”,

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Commenting on their decision to lend their name to this initiative, Mapbox, which is a large provider of custom online maps, said: “It is a personal honour to fight this.”

The company’s lawyer, Kathleen Lu, added: “I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Lawyers across the country are holding true to that oath and standing up to these Executive Orders. Like many of my fellow team members at Mapbox and community members, I am also an immigrant. This has been a tough week for many of us – and too many people are scared. These are troubling times. But those of us who can take a stand, must.”