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Ethiopia thwarts attempted attack on Renaissance Dam

March 2, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Ethiopia has foiled an attempt to attack the Renaissance Dam it is building on the Nile River, a senior official told the Anadolu Agency yesterday.

Ethiopian State Minister Zadgi Abraha said a “terrorist” group sought to carry out an attack on the dam, which is under construction, but guards positioned to protect it killed 13 of the attackers, while a further seven escaped to Sudan.

Khartoum has since handed them over to Ethiopia, Abraha explained.

The minister revealed that the group had RPGs and other light weapons and that they had been trained to carry out “terrorist acts and kill project workers”.

He did not say who was behind the attack but warned Eritrea of supporting terrorist groups that aim to undermine Ethiopia’s stability.

“The Renaissance Dam is a redline,” the minister said, stressing that his country has the right to respond to any group proved to be responsible for the attempted terror attack.

Initial investigations appear to show that the detainees are affiliated to the opposition May 7 Movement which is banned in Ethiopia and allegedly supported by Eritrea, Anadolu reported.

Eritrea has denied any links to the movement on numerous occasions.

The construction of the Renaissance Dam has been surrounded by much controversy because of the affect it will have on other countries’ access to water. Egypt in particular has raised concerns that its share of water from the Nile will be affected by the use of the barrier.