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New Israeli law targets anti-apartheid boycott

Image of BDS supporters campaigning in London
Image of BDS supporters campaigning in London

Israel’s parliament on Monday passed a law barring foreigners who publicly support an anti-Israel boycott from entering the country.

“In recent years calls to boycott Israel have been growing,” parliament said on its website after the law was approved. “It seems this is a new front in the war against Israel, which until now the country had not prepared for properly.”

Individuals or representatives of groups publicly calling for a boycott – excluding Israeli citizens and permanent residents – will not be granted visas, according to the law.

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It was unclear when the new policy would take effect, and the law said exceptions could be made.

The vote passed 46 to 28, with some in the opposition saying it was better to engage detractors, and that the new law will play into the hands of those attacking Israel.

Israel has long decried groups like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement who want to isolate Israel over policies towards the Palestinians.

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2014.

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  • I think it is a great law. It is one more nail in the coffin for Israel’s lying claim about being a Western style “democracy” – it is and never has been any such thing. And right now it is a full-blown Apartheid state. Just a genocidal colonial entity that soon no one will travel too anyway. Buh bye Apartheid state.

    • Eric11210

      Oh Ahmed with your crazy predictions. Where was that 8 point Hillary win again? Stupid jihadist. Oh and as for your tired lies about apartheid and genocide, we’ve been through that before. You have been proven to be a pathetic liar.

      • Funny thing is troll boy, I have been right the entire time. And buddy, it is the illegal colonists who are the Jewish Jihadis. Real Jews do not support genocide and apartheid, indeed, it is with great pain and sadness that many live with due to this sordid and long-standing mess. It’s closer to being over now than ever before, and that brings me much gladness.

        Ta ta fool. You never could keep up.

        • Eric11210

          Right the whole time. Sure Ahmed. Where is President Hillary again? As for your pathetic lies, yet again for the millionth time, I’ll ask:

          Which Israeli hospitals refuse to treat your fellow Muslims?
          Which Israeli universities refuse to enroll them?
          Which Israeli parks have benches labeled Jews only?
          Which Israeli law prevents Arab citizens from voting?

          As for the tired and long debunked genocide nonsense, if Israel is committing genocide against your people, they are doing a piss poor job considering that the Arab population has grown exponentially as you desperately crow about at every opportunity.

          You truly are a moron Ahmed. You can’t figure out how to do anything but tell lies.