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Egypt: 1,911 students suspected of having food poisoning

March 15, 2017 at 4:53 am


2,262 children have now been struck with food poisoning.


The number of students suspected of having food poisoning after eating school meals in Egypt’s southern province of Suhaj has risen to 1,911 students, according to an official statement.

The province’s Health Directorate said yesterday said that the number of students suspected to have been poisoned in eight schools has reached to 1,911 cases and are currently hospitalised in the province’s hospitals.

Earlier, the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that 800 students were suspected of having food poisoning after eating school meals (a daily governmental commitment in a number of provinces in Egypt) in eight schools in Suhaj’s city of Akhmim.

The ministry explained that the symptoms that the cases had included abdominal cramps and vomiting; other cases only demonstrated panic. Most of the cases were dismissed from hospital after receiving the necessary treatment. Only 145 cases are still hospitalised.

The directory added that immediately after the suspected food poisoning incidents were reported on Tuesday morning, 50 equipped ambulances were sent to the reported locations.

This is not the first incident of food poisoning among school students after eating school meals in Suhaj. Less than a month ago, more than 30 students had food poisoning, in addition to 139 others last November in the northern province of Beheira, according to previous Ministry of Health statements.