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Russia expands naval base in Tartus, Syria

April 4, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Russia will expand and reinforce its naval base in Tartus, Syria, allowing it to increase its capabilities to receive large submarines and warships.

An informed source said the Russian naval facility in Tartus will be able to repair large vessels including minesweepers, cruisers and submarines operating on diesel and electricity. According to the source, Russia does not intend to develop the centre in Tartus into a full naval base.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree in December to expand the Russian naval base in Tartus, northwest Syria, to secure the needs of Russian warships.

The Russian Defence Ministry said in October that Moscow is preparing to turn the Tartus naval facility into a permanent base. No date was given as to when this would take place.

At the time, Putin has approved a law to sign an agreement with Damascus to deploy troops in Syria indefinitely, reinforcing Russia’s long-term presence in the country.

The agreement signed between Russia and the Syrian regime on 18 January expands the status of the Tartus naval base so that it can receive at least 11 warships.