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Muslims banned from Ibrahimi Mosque during Passover

Videos appeared online of settlers completing religious rituals in the mosque.

Thousands of Israeli settlers stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque in occupied Hebron yesterday to mark the Jewish Passover holiday.

Videos appeared online of settlers completing religious rituals in the mosque.

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Muslim worshippers and non-Jewish visitors were banned from entering the mosque during the ceremony and there was a heavy Israeli army presence in the area.

The Palestinian Awqaf Ministry strongly condemned the mass desecration of the Ibrahimi Mosque. It warned that Israel is trying to Judaise the Islamic place of worship and urged communities and organisations to speak about the occupation’s aggressive behaviour towards Muslim and Christian holy sites.

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  • Yida Mala

    Completely omits the fact that other days of the year the entire complex is made accessible to Muslims, including the sections which are reserved for Jews the rest of the time.

    • Vinegar Hill

      Your comment reflects the biased, immoral, colonial mentality of a supporter of the vicious and violent rogue state of Israel.

      Will you comment in favour of the Wailing Wall being accessible to all religions, including tourists from whatever country of origin?

  • Vinegar Hill

    Yet another example of the violation of agreements by Israel. Lets hope that the response will be rapid and vicious just as the Israeli violation of respect for the Muslim world.