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Egypt’s extrajudicial execution of alleged Daesh members

A leaked video broadcast by the opposition news channel Mekameleen TV in Egypt shows the Egyptian army extrajudicially executing prisoners in Sinai in December 2016. The Egyptian army’s Facebook page later announced that terrorists had been killed.

Egyptian security forces have carried out other extrajudicial killings in Sinai on the basis that they are fighting members of Daesh, whose Egypt affiliate have attacked policemen, security forces and Christians in the country.

In March Human Rights Watch analysed a video of an Egyptian counter-terror raid and concluded that security forces in Egypt may have arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared up to 10 men and then staged the raid to cover up their killings. The men in the video had been arrested several months before the raid took place.

Yesterday the Egyptian military said that air raids in the Sinai had killed 19 members of Daesh, three of them prominent members of the group.

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