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Over 200,000 displaced Libyans allowed to return home

Image of destroyed buildings and vehicles as the violence continues in Libya [file photo]
Destroyed buildings and vehicles can be seen due to the ongoing violence in Libya [file photo]

Some 200,000 of Libya’s half a million internally displaced people have returned to their homes, a report by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has revealed.

The majority of those displaced have returned to cities like Benghazi, where operations against Daesh forced people to flee, as well as towns and cities including Abu Slim, Bani Walid, Ajdabiya and Misrata.

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The report carried out between January and February this year showed how most people have managed to return to their original homes while a small minority have been accommodated elsewhere with relatives.

The relationship between those displaced and locals were rated as good to excellent in some municipalities with the arrival of outsiders having helped in the local labour markets and boosted economic activity.

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