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Netanyahu’s wife to be indicted over corruption charges

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a photo exhibition with his wife, Sara Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a photo exhibition with his wife, Sara Netanyahu

Israeli police have moved to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife on allegations of corruption, Israeli broadcaster Channel 10 revealed on Friday.

The Israeli channel said that the indictment is related to the case referred to by the media as the prime minister’s real estate on which Sara Netanyahu was investigated over her alleged use of state funds for private spending.

According to Channel 10, Quds Press said that the police recommendation came in the wake of completing the investigations into Netanyahu’s real estate case, noting that Jerusalem District Prosecutor Nurit Litman had decided that Sara should be brought before the courts.

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Jerusalem’s district authorities are expected to raise their recommendation to the government’s attorney general and the judicial advisor to review the file and take a final decision, Channel 10 said.

If the case is accepted, Netanyahu’s wife would be summoned to attend a hearing session prior to the issuing of the indictment against her. Such proceedings would take a couple of months, according to the Channel 10 report.

The Netanyahu’s’ commented on the news in a statement, saying: “It is shameful that an indictment is to be issued against the prime minister’s wife based on false allegations.”

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Sara Netanyahu is accused of ordering new furniture for the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem. Later, she allegedly swapped it with old furniture from her house in Caesarea. In addition, she was accused of doubling the number of dinner guests in Netanyahu’s office in order to be able to afford private chefs.

She was also accused of paying for her elderly father’s expenses by dipping into the funds of the prime minister’s official residence.

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  • Not pro Israel

    Let them be exposed…

  • Will Bibi be next?

    • George Reichel

      As if he knew nothing.

    • peepsqueek

      I feel terrible, because we know there is no corruption or misuse of funds in the Islamic world.

  • Jacques Devin

    These bastards should be at the Hague answering for war crimes and crimes against humanity

    • peepsqueek

      The Rome Statute established four core international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. “Genocide” is out, on the basis that Palestinians continue to triple and quadruple their populations both inside and outside of Israel proper. “Crimes against humanity” “war crimes” and “crime of aggression are all out, on the basis that suicide bombers on public Israeli transportation and crowded market places, the specific targeting of Israeli civilians, and the firing of thousand of rockets indiscriminately into Israeli civilian territory, are not only “acts of war” they are all violations of the “UN Rules of War”, which will probably neutralize the arguments, whether some of the accusations have validity or not.

      • colemanj64 .

        So according to your argument, in the 1940’s, as long Jews around the World continued to procreate and multiple, it was OK for Herr Adolf to gas those insiden Germany? mmm… Interesting. Tell me, are you just stupid, or are you a speciall kind of stupid?

        • peepsqueek

          The premise of your argument does not apply. I am sorry that you are not able to understand the basic idea of genocide, which is the intent to [exterminate] a people based on nationality, race, religion…..

          Complaints were filed against Israel at the International Criminal Court when Israel stopped a flotilla for inspection, of ships that announced ahead of time that they were going violate Israel’s legal weapons blockade of Gaza. The ships had a choice of taking the humanitarian supplies to a neutral port or to accept inspection and they refused both.

          Complaints were filed against Israel at the International Criminal Court in 2014 when Israel responded to thousand of Hamas rockets, which set off early warning sirens in Israel for thousands of Israeli parent to have to grab their children and run for bomb shelters every time the sirens went off. Israel’s response to get it to stop, along with destroying a 100 Palestinian tunnels, (some finished, some not finished) in Israel, caused the death of 800 Palestinians base Palestinian reports. Hamas know ahead of time that Israel would eventually respond. Every rocket fired into Israel is an act of war, and targeting civilian populations are war crimes.

          If you had a chance to address the ICC with charges against Israel in 2017, what specific charge would you bring in the face of 28 other ongoing conflicts and border wars in the world today involving Muslim leaders and Muslim regimes? Please be specific.

  • rezaul karim

    The most evil man in the world. Allah’s
    punishment is coming to these evil Zionist. They all will be so humilated that People will remember for long.
    Allah bless Palestine.

    • OrvilleK

      Take a long look at the photo. Mr. Netanyahu wakes up to THAT face, every morning. On that basis, wish him and his lovely bride long, miserable lives, followed by the eternal torment they richly deserve.

  • MisterSamsung Galaxy

    Disgusting people. They deserve whats coming to them.

  • Antonakis Mamas Demetriou

    Well the American tax payer will just have to cough up some more billions,simple they only have to ask and they get.

    • OrvilleK

      They don’t ask. They demand. And their groveling, American servants are eager to please.

      Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice celebrated the conclusion of a tough negotiation with the Israelis, near the end of the Obama Presidency. For what? The inking of a new, ten year deal, obligating the bankrupt US Treasury to annually borrow an additional $3.8 BILLION to give to Israel, so Israel’s military heroes will have the leading edge, military hardware they need to wage war on a captive population, who can do no more than throw stones.

      Where else must the charitable negotiate with the beggar?

  • Dr. Ben

    Stealing Palestine is not enough, the Zionists are stealing from each other now…..that is the Zionist corrupt democracy

  • sammy

    satanyahu is so corrupt that he’d throw his own wife under the bus to continue his rule. Its like a bad episode of game of thrones. And worse, we now have to contend with israel’s puppet-in-chief drumpf that has turned america into a jewish mafia state of capitalist pigs.
    trump needs to be impeached, all foreign agents in gvnts need to be removed and banned, israeli prosecution needs to go ahead prosecuting satanyahu and his cronies, and the EU needs to move away from being alied to israhell.