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New Hamas document helps allies to defend Palestinian cause, says Meshaal

May 6, 2017 at 10:52 am

The head of the Hamas Political Bureau said on Friday that the new Hamas political document will help the movement’s allies to “defend the [Palestinian] cause on all international stages,” Quds Press has reported. “The document rules out all accusations and claims aiming to confuse resistance with terrorism,” explained Khaled Meshaal.

He reiterated that the document finds a balance between “principles and flexibility, openness and adherence to right.” In this way, he noted, it introduces the Palestinian cause to the region and the world in a way better suited to attract their interest.

All of these issues help us and our allies to defend the [Palestinian] cause on all international stages.

When asked by Quds Press if the movement’s allies had had an impact on the final text, Meshaal said that it was launched from the movement’s institutions and leaders and had gained general support. “The document reflects the natural development of Hamas ideology,” he added, “as well as its political performance throughout its history, and it comes in response to the demands of its resistance and political activities in the Palestinian arena.”

It is worth mentioning that Qatar and Turkey are regarded as strong allies of Hamas. It launched the “A Document of General Principles and Policies” in the Qatari capital on Monday. The movement maintains different kinds of relationships with many countries around the world.

The “new charter” redefines Hamas as an independent body and not part of the Muslim Brotherhood; proposes an interim solution based on the pre-1967 border; and stresses that the Palestine Liberation Organisation is the national political institution for all Palestinians at home and abroad.