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Saudi cleric: Trump a servant of Allah

A Saudi cleric has found himself in hot water after he publicly made a prayer for 'servant of Allah' Donald Trump to advance the interests of Muslims
US President Donald Trump ( Samuel Corum - Anadolu Agency )

A Saudi cleric has found himself in hot water after he publicly made a prayer for ‘servant of Allah’ Donald Trump to advance the interests of Muslims.

Saad bin Ghoniem said on Friday that he hoped God would take Trump under his wing and steer him in the right direction towards ending injustice against Muslims, prompting an online backlash.

Ghoniem tweeted:

O Allah, Trump is one of your servants, you control him and his fate. Command him – willingly or not – to serve the best interests of Muslims and eliminate oppression done to them. Spare us from his evil deeds and guide him on the right path

The cleric’s invocation for Trump to aid the Muslim world did not go down so well on social media with dozens of users harshly criticising the post.

“I spit on your beard all you have left to do is pray he goes to heaven. Even the devil would be too ashamed to do this,” one Twitter user replied to the sheikh, sharing a report about civilian casualties in a US-led coalition air raid in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Another user said: “You think that Trump the Zionist, who is battling Islam, will do good for the religion. Shame! You will be held accountable for your words.”

Other users told Ghoniem he should rather pray for the hundreds of Yemeni children who have been killed during the Saudi-led military intervention against the Houthi rebels.

Trump made several controversial comments about Islam and its followers during his election campaign last year. Despite this and a “Muslim ban” being put in place by Trump, Gulf states appear to have warmed to the new president. The US President announced this week that Riyadh would be the first stop on his overseas tour later this month.

Trump has reportedly intensified negotiations for arms deals with Saudi Arabia ahead of the visit, despite growing concerns over the kingdom’s military campaign in Yemen.

This article was first published by The New Arab.

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  • James Henry

    Well, they say God moves in mysterious ways….

  • Care Stone

    The next we will hear that Trump converted to Islam!!
    Wahhabi which Daesh practice their faith want to send the world back 1400 years ago and force every person to convert to their faith.
    They forgot that Trump stated that they are not good for any thing and have too much money to spend on building save zone in Syria at a modest cost of 19 Trillions. I think that very close to the USA debt.

    • Joshua Coulter

      Trump loves Israel too much to convert to Islam

    • Against Atheism

      Very well explained.

  • Stefanie Daniella

    comedy knows no bounds

  • Jozef-Jerzy Jurkun

    …siły morskie Stanów Zjednoczonych dokonały ataku rakietowego na lotnisko wojsk rządowych Syrii.
    Ten akt militarnej agresji odbył się w trakcie wizyty prezydenta Chin w USA,. Przy czym oficjalne koła ChRL, już przed samą wizytą, publicznie oświadczyły, że nie życzą sobie żadnych niespodzianek ze strony amerykańskiej w czasie pobytu głowy państwa na terytorium USA.
    Chrzest bojowy kolejnego zbrodniarza z Białego Domu nie powinien nikogo zdziwić, stało się to już banalną tradycją zachodniego Imperium Zła.

  • Which party is generally more pro-Saudi, the Republicans or the Democrats?

    • Joshua Coulter

      nither party actualy gives a care

  • Joshua Coulter

    well Allah and God are totally different

    just making sure that this is understood as it is important not to confuse the two

    • Against Atheism

      Allah is the Arabic name of God, the one who created us all. He begets not nor is He begotten.
      Qur’an contains the name of Jesus, peace be upon him at 25 places.

  • Against Atheism

    Very well explained