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Libya interim government gain control of airbase from Haftar forces

Libyan soldiers take part in a parade marking the 75th anniversary of the army's establishment at the Martyr's Square in the heart of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on August 13, 2015 [Hazem Turkia / Anadolu Agency]
Libyan soldiers on 13 August 2016 [Hazem Turkia/Anadolu Agency]

The Third Force of the Misrata Brigades, loyal to the internationally recognised Government of National Accords (GNA) in Libya, has regained control of the Barak Al-Shatti air base following violent clashes with forces loyal to Brigadier General Khalifa Haftar, a military source in the force revealed.

Commander of the Third Force, Jamal Al-Treki said: “In cooperation with the GNA’s Ministry of Defence battalions we have controlled the Barak Air Base.”

A large-scale military operation was launched on Thursday morning from three axes.

No casualties have been reported among the Third Force.

The official said the force’s next aim is to secure the airbase.

On 9 April, the GNA’s Ministry of Defence, led by Fayez Al-Sarraj, launched a military operation to retake the air base, 700 kilometres south of Tripoli, from forces loyal to Haftar.

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