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Libya's eastern commander declares victory in battle for Benghazi

July 6, 2017 at 2:14 am

Victory in Benghazi was announced by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar on television yesterday after Libyan National Army forces captured the city from the remaining militants.

In a brief address, Haftar thanked his armed forces for their bravery and the courage of the people who have had to endure the battle between the LNA and militants since 2014.

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“Your armed forces declare to you the liberation of Benghazi from terrorism, a full liberation and a victory of dignity,” Haftar said, wearing a white uniform in a televised speech.

Benghazi has entered into a new era of safety and peace.

Residents took to the streets to celebrate with a cortege of cars waving Libyan flags from the windows.

A LNA warplane flying over Suq Al-Hout and Sabri informed residents of the victory in the city.

Three years ago, Libyan National Army senior officers announced the start of “Operation Dignity” in the city as a response to the rise in violence in the city which had seen the assassination of more than 150 former and serving police and army officers, lawyers, journalists and civil society activists.

The militant groups that had taken over the city included the Benghazi Revolutionaries’ Shoura Council, Daesh and Ansar Al-Sharia.