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Iran cleric: Our forces can combat US troops 

Image of Iranian soldiers preparing to launch airstrikes [file photo]
Iranian soldiers prepare to launch airstrikes [file photo]

There will be no safe place for the US if it decides to attack Iran, a senior preacher said during Friday prayers yesterday.

Preacher Mohamed Ali Karamani said American crimes have increased day after day.

It has become normal for America to aid the Zionist entity and those who kill their people

he said, “this is not surprising because American has a dirty nature.”

“They [Americans] and the world have to know that we are able to encounter them. We have steadfast armed forces who are able to work seriously. We have the Revolutionary Guards who scare the hearts of the enemy.”

He went on to hail the liberation of Iraq’s norther capital Mosul from Daesh. Citizens from 86 countries were members of the terrorist organisation, he added, including 3,000 from Saudi Arabia alone.

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“We saw how the Iraqi police had announced killing more than 1,000 Takfiri and Daesh affiliates, as well as destroying tens of [Daesh] car bombs during the liberation of Mosul,” he said.

“It was announced that 28,000 Daesh members were killed and 4,000 others were wounded during the war on terror in Iraq.”

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