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Libyan Army allows medical supplies into besieged Derna

Libyans seen after Egypt’s air strike on Derna, Libya [Abdul Hamid/Arabi21]
Libyans seen after Egypt’s airstrike on Derna, Libya [Abdul Hamid/Arabi21]

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has permitted medical supplies to enter the besieged town of Derna following growing criticism of a humanitarian crisis looming from the blockade, the army has said.

According to the spokesman, ambulances were being allowed out to refuel as well as oxygen cylinders and medical supplies allowed into the town. Residents may leave the town but no one is allowed to enter it.

The statement came after the Presidency Council (PC) denounced the blockade calling it “unacceptable”.

It is the moral and national duty of all to ease the suffering of our people in Derna

a PC statement said. It called on LNA forces to separate the needs of the citizen from the conflict and for humanitarian corridors to be opened into the town to allow for urgent supplies.

Supplies have slowly been allowed into the town following the reports that food stocks are running low and that hundreds of families are desperately trying to leave the town as a result.

Derna’s local council has appealed to new UN special envoy to Libya Ghassan Salamé to take action against the blockade.

However, despite the trickle of medical supplies, the LNA is reportedly determined to prevent any other supplies entering the town.


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