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Israeli hospital raid kills sick Palestinian

August 14, 2017 at 2:32 pm

Image of Muhammad Abu Ghanam who died after Israeli forces raided the hospital he was being treated in [AgenceMediaPalestine/Twitter]

An Israeli raid on Al-Makassed hospital endangered the lives of patients and left one dead last month, a report by Israeli NGO B’Tselem has concluded.

Hospital CCTV footage has emerged that shows Israeli soldiers evacuating patients and staff from numerous wards as they attempted to arrest 20 year old Muhammad Abu Ghanam, who had been shot during Al-Aqsa’s “Day of Rage” on 21 July.

Occupying forces fired rounds of rubber coated bullets and stun grenades at hospital security guards as they entered the building.

They then restrained and assaulted the doctors and nurses treating Abu Ghanam as they tried to take him to an operating theatre. Consequently, Abu Ghanam’s condition quickly deteriorated at which point doctors tried to resuscitate him in a nearby X-Ray room. Their attempt was unsuccessful and he was declared dead at the scene.

Abu Ghanam’s body was then smuggled out of the window for fear that Israeli forces would confiscate it as an insult to his family.

Israeli occupation forces proceeded to evacuate donors who had arrived at the hospital after officials requested people donate blood. Nurses in the maternity ward were also forced to take newborn babies from their mothers and hide them in the nursery for fear they would be harmed by occupying forces.

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In raiding the hospital, Israel violated international law which states that medical facilities treating the wounded are protected areas. B’Tselem said this incident is just one of many.

Last month, Amnesty International strongly condemned the incident as “utterly deplorable”.