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'Martyrs of the Emirates' sign removed from Yemen camp

The 'Martyrs of the Emirates' sign that was removed by Yemeni forces.
The 'Martyrs of the Emirates' sign that was removed by Yemeni forces.

Two Yemeni sources revealed that a sign with the UAE's name on it was removed hours after it was erected over the door of the third military area's leadership in Marib, in the north-eastern part of Yemen, on Tuesday.

The two sources, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Arabi21 that the sign, which read "Martyrs of the Emirates", was removed for political reasons.

They added that this sign revealed "a cell affiliated with the UAE" in the military area, which seemed to be keen to hang the sign.

According to the sources, the head of the third military area issued an order to dismiss one of the officers behind the erection of the sign, causing a concern in the area.

The sign was removed and the picture of the former leader of the area, Major General Abdul-Rab Al-Shadadi, remained, as well as a sign reading "Leadership of the third military area" which was erected yesterday.

Tensions between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi have recently increased over pressure exerted by the Gulf state on the Yemeni government.

Hadi has warned the Emirates: "Do not expect that our patience will continue forever. Everything has a limit and when out patience runs out they will not be able to stand the outcome."

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