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Israel demands compensation from residents after demolishing their homes  

The aftermath of Israeli bulldozers razing Al-Araqeeb village in Negev [Sarah Stern‏/Twitter]
Image of Israeli bulldozers after demolishing the Arab Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb [Sarah Stern‏/Twitter]

After demolishing a Palestinian village in the Negev, an Israeli court has ordered residents of Al-Araqeeb village to pay the government for the cost of bulldozing their homes. Six residents of the village which is “unrecognized” by the Israeli state in southern Israel have been asked to pay a total of $541,000 for the cumulative cost of destroying their homes 116 times since 2010.

The Palestinian village is one of many that were established in the Negev following the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in 1948. In the aftermath of the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians, over 600 villages were razed to the ground by Zionist militias.

Al-Araqeeb is just one of 35 other Bedouin Palestinian villages which the Israeli state refuses to recognise and offer any government assistance. According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), more than half of the approximately 160,000 Bedouins in the Negev reside in “unrecognized villages”.

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Despite the fact that these villages are as old as Israel itself and the way of life of the Bedouins stretches much further back, the villages are under constant threat.  Not only are the residents denied basic rights but hundreds of thousands have the constant threat of demolition hanging over their heads.

Having had their homes demolished 116 times, six of the 34 residents who decided to see out the legal proceedings through to the end are now being forced to pay over half a million dollars. Israeli courts have demanded compensation not only for the demolition of the homes but also for the cost of the state lawyers. It’s not yet clear what the penalty will be for the Bedouins if they fail to pay the damages demanded by the state, as is most likely the case.

Representatives of the residents condemning the court’s decision as a double punishment are considering an appeal. “In my opinion, the state demolished the village  in violation of the law, and went one step further to demand compensation for an act that wasn’t legal in the first place”, said attorney Khaled Sawalhi, the legal representative.

Human rights groups have also criticised the move on a number grounds. Haya Noah, director of the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, was quoted by Haaretz as being astonished by the court’s decision. Pointing to the fact that demolitions are carried out by units having an annual state budget; he added “there’s no real reason to claim payment”.

Noah also said: “Instead of pushing the residents to the wall, the state must provide shelter for the villagers and stop the campaign of demolitions and harassment.”

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  • דניאל גיא-צברי

    What a bunch of bullshit this so called article is. What next? “Brutal Israeli police demand money from car owner ofter towing it”?

    Also, love the “arab village” agenda – Yea, Lets destroy all the different ethnicity, genocide them under the one “arab” generalization. No Phinicians, no Armenians, no Aramese, No Yazids or Kurds, only arabs right? Disgusting.

    • charliematerne

      In China, when the state executes a prisoner, they charge the family for the cost of the bullet. Every nation state on the planet charges for the destruction of illegal buildings, It seems, according to Arabs, that Israel does not have ANY rights

      • Helen4Yemen

        “Israel” is a people whom Europe did not want around – wanted them gone!

        Why were Jews expelled more than 100 times from Europe?

        – 250 Carthage – 415 Alexandria – 554 Diocèse of Clermont (France) – 561 Diocèse of Uzès (France) – 612 Visigoth Spain – 642 Visigoth Empire – 855 Italy – 876 Sens – 1012 Mainz – 1182 France – 1182 Germany – 1276 Upper Bavaria – 1290 England – 1306 France – 1322 France (again) – 1348 Switzerland – 1349 Hielbronn (Germany) – 1349 Saxony – 1349 Hungary – 1360 Hungary – 1370 Belgium – 1380 Slovakia – 1388 Strasbourg – 1394 Germany – 1394 France – 1420 Lyons – 1421 Austria – 1424 Fribourg – 1424 Zurich – 1424 Cologne – 1432 Savoy – 1438 Mainz – 1439 Augsburg – 1442 Netherlands – 1444 Netherlands – 1446 Bavaria – 1453 France – 1453 Breslau – 1454 Wurzburg – 1462 Mainz – 1483 Mainz – 1484 Warsaw – 1485 Vincenza (Italy) – 1492 Spain – 1492 Italy – 1495 Lithuania – 1496 Naples – 1496 Portugal – 1498 Nuremberg – 1498 Navarre – 1510 Brandenberg – 1510 Prussia – 1514 Strasbourg – 1515 Genoa – 1519 Regensburg – 1533 Naples – 1541 Naples – 1542 Prague & Bohemia – 1550 Genoa – 1551 Bavaria – 1555 Pesaro – 1557 Prague – 1559 Austria – 1561 Prague – 1567 Wurzburg – 1569 Papal States – 1571 Brandenburg – 1582 Netherlands – 1582 Hungary – 1593 Brandenburg, Austria – 1597 Cremona, Pavia & Lodi – 1614 Frankfort – 1615 Worms – 1619 Kiev – 1648 Ukraine – 1648 Poland – 1649 Hamburg – 1654 Little Russia (Beylorus) – 1656 Lithuania – 1669 Oran (North Africa) – 1669 Vienna – 1670 Vienna – 1712 Sandomir – 1727 Russia – 1738 Wurtemburg – 1740 Little Russia (Beylorus) – 1744 Prague, Bohemia – 1744 Slovakia – 1744 Livonia – 1745 Moravia – 1753 Kovad (Lithuania) – 1761 Bordeaux – 1772 Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia) – 1775 Warsaw – 1789 Alsace – 1804 Villages in Russia – 1808 Villages & Countrysides (Russia) – 1815 Lbeck & Bremen – 1815 Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria – 1820 Bremen – 1843 Russian Border Austria & Prussia – 1862 Areas in the U.S. under General Grant’s Jurisdiction[1] – 1866 Galatz, Romania – 1880s Russia – 1891 Moscow – 1919 Bavaria (foreign born Jews) – 193845 Nazi Controlled Areas – 1948 Arab Countries

        • charliematerne

          And now they are back at HOME

      • Helen4Yemen

        Arab land was used to settle the Jews Europeans did not want in Europe.

        Yacheslav, Plehve

        1888-1902 assistant minister of the interior of the Russian Government

        1902-1904 Minister of the interior of the Russian Government

        Plehve Speech 1903

        “Western Russia some 90 per cent of the revolutionaries are
        Jews, and in Russia generally – some 40 per cent. I shall not
        conceal from you that the revolutionary movement in Russia
        worries us but you should know that if you do not deter your
        youth from the revolutionary movement, we shall make your
        position untenable to such an extent that you will have to leave
        Russia, to the very last man!”

        • charliematerne

          MANDATE land was settled by Jews as was ordered in the Mandate. Get over your racist bigotry and grow up

      • Helen4Yemen

        95% of world Jewry is European Ashkenazi at 99.9% European DNA.
        Let them go home to where 99.9% of their ancestry is from:


        • charliematerne

          You do not seem to want to understand, they are JEWS. Fortunately the drafters of the Mandate were not as bigoted and racist as you and your transvestite alter-ego.

          • Helen4Yemen

            The Mandate was about European Jewry who are totally and completely of European origin. Could the Mandate not find land large enough where the
            Ashkenazi is from: Europe?

          • charliematerne

            The Mandate was about Jews returning to their ancestral home and forming their own nation. There is nothing in the Mandate about “European Jews” or “African Jews” or “Asian Jews” or “North American Jews” or “South American Jews” or “Russian Jews”, just Jews. No bigotry, no racism that you are so fond of. Just Justice. It is time for you to grow up and get a life that is not filled with hatred. Israel, while not perfect, is a bright spot in the Middle East that is collapsing in on itself from hatred, such as Yemen that you Claim to be 4, or doesn’t Muslims murdering Muslims bother you

          • Helen4Yemen

            “The Mandate was about Jews returning to their ancestral home”

            Bill Oreilly = 99.9% European (Ireland, England …)

            Alan Dershowutz = 99.9% European (Poland, Hungary …)

            Can Bill O’reilly also return since he is at the same level of
            European DNA as Dershowitz?

          • charliematerne

            Israel exists, Israel is a Nation State. Israel (not you) decides who is a Jew and who is not for the purpose of immigration

          • Helen4Yemen

            “Israel exists” as the French existed in Algeria and the British in Kenya. The French, the British and the Ashkenazi are all Europeans who wanted to leech off land of people of color. Period.

          • charliematerne

            Algeria was a French colony, Israel is a Nation State, the Jewish State of Israel and there is not a single thing you can do or say that will change that with all your rants and unsubstantiated charts

          • Helen4Yemen

            Jabotinsky – The Iron Wall – 1923

            A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the
            question either now or in the future. If you wish to
            colonize a land in which people are already living,
            you must provide a garrison for the land, or find some rich
            man or benefactor who will provide a garrison on your
            behalf. Or else-or else, give up your colonization,
            for without an armed force which will render physically
            impossible any attempt to destroy or prevent this
            colonization, colonization is impossible,
            not difficult, not dangerous, but IMPOSSIBLE!… Zionism is a
            colonization adventure and therefore it stands or
            falls by the question of armed force. It is important… to
            speak Hebrew, but, unfortunately, it is even more
            important to be able to shoot – or else I am through with
            playing at colonizing.

          • charliematerne

            Your point is that hatred and bigotry is your only point

          • Helen4Yemen

            Herzl diaries – Volume 4, page 1487

            May 13, 1903 Vienna

            “I started out from Chamberlain’s Uganda suggestion — and hit
            upon Mozambique. I will try to get this inactive land for a Char-
            tere Company from the Portuguese government, which needs
            money, by promising to meet the deficit and to pay a tribute later.
            However, I want to acquire Mozamique only as an object of barter
            in order to get it for it from the English government the entire Sinai Peninsula with Nile water summer and winter, and possibly Cyprus as well — and for nothing!”
            What Herzl was saying was that he was going to use Jewish
            money to buy Mozamique and the purpose was only to trade
            it for Sinai and Cyprus. Right?

          • Helen4Yemen


            “Another Jew in England, Colonel Goldsmith, was also an
            enthusiastic Zionist and had wanted to charter ships for the
            reconquest of Palestine.”
            95% of world Jewry = Ashkenazi = 99.9% European.

            How do people with 0% genetic link to that region


          • Helen4Yemen


            “The pious Christians of England would help us if we went to
            Palestine. For they expect the coming of the Messiah after the
            Jews have returned home.”
            Don’t the British know that the Ashkenazi is as
            European as them?
            Bill O’reilly = 99.9% European.

            Alan Dershowitz = 99.0% European.

          • charliematerne

            Again, Your point is that hatred and bigotry is your only point

          • Helen4Yemen

            “after the Jews have returned home.”

            95% of world Jewry are white Europeans and most of them atheist.
            Are they “Jews”?

          • charliematerne

            While you are busy ranting about something that is none of your business and completely out of your control (i.e. who is or is not a Jew) how many little Moslem children were murdered by Muslim adults in Yemen today (a place your name professes to care about)?

          • Helen4Yemen

            It will not be my business if the fake Jews are not claiming our land as “returning”.

            Neil Gaiman
            99.9% European
            0% Middle Eastern

            Repalce * with .

          • charliematerne

            My question still stands unanswered: “While you are busy ranting about something that is none of your business and completely out of your control (i.e. who is or is not a Jew) how many little Moslem children were murdered by Muslim adults in Yemen today (a place your name professes to care about)?” If I were you, I would be demanding in all caps that you answer the question.

          • dadhoover

            Yep – its a nation declared so in the UN by other mostly western nations under Zionist pressure and influence peddling pushed on politicians and also largely because those nations didn’t want the Jewish immigrants in their country’s – so they went along because it was the easiest far away and out of site way for them to escape from having a problem in their own homelands. By the way – that same UN set “Green Line” boarders for your declared Nation of Israel and for the indigenous Palestinians for their planned for Nation state — get that ? who were victims here ? of this UN encroachment on their historically owned land, lands where Arabs, Jews, Christians and others had gotten along side by side for hundreds of years prior to the Political Zionist Israel project forced on them. Was it the Palestinians with the Zionist Terrorist Stern and Irgon gangs terrorizing and killing to expel 700,000 people to make way for another Nation or was it the Political Zionist extremists among Jewry doing the Terrorism to make way for themselves ? Its easy for the student of the facts to understand that the Semitic Palestinians have all along been the victims here while the more well funded Zionists blame their victims for the problems. The world is catching onto the Political Zionist game and tactics and are in many ways saying NO MORE !! — BDS is part of the world saying NO MORE — and out of desperation the Political Zionist extremists who see their Greater Israel Project being exposed and in many ways blocked are even going to the extent of trying to make it illegal to take part in BDS efforts across the Western Nations. Those efforts too – expose the Zionist Extremists and help spread the facts on the ground that it is the Zionist Extremists that are the aggressors — not the Semitic Palestinian Arabs because they’re reacting to the Zionist aggression while taking and controlling more and more Palestinian land. Get used to those facts that the world is now seeing as the facts. Zionist infiltration of Governments by money and influence and other tactics are backfiring as we speak — read the writing on the wall and seek real peace rather than more land and power and control through wars that Zionist Neo Con’s have pushed on the world under false pretenses. You Charliematerne – Protest too much showing yourself and your cause as the real guilty party.

          • charliematerne

            The UN did not set the “Green Line” as a border to anything. The UN witnessed the Armistice Agreements between the various invading Arab Armies and the State of Israel. Those “Armistice Lines” were specifically rejected, by the Arab sides as Ever being considered Borders. Those Armistice Agreements are available online from the UN website. You should read them before you make yourself look even more stupid

          • Helen4Yemen

            THE QUESTION WAS:

            Bill Oreilly = 99.9% European (Ireland, England …)

            Alan Dershowutz = 99.9% European (Poland, Hungary …)

            Can Bill O’reilly also “return” since he is at the same level of

            European DNA as Dershowitz which is ZERO % for both?

          • dadhoover

            Your comments are racist through and through -charliematerne- you can try running away from that fact you’re exposing about yourself but you cannot hide it by continuing to dig in and double down on your racist anti Semite statements against the Palestinian Semitic indigenous people that the only part Semitic European Jews are trying to dislocate because they’re in the way of and their existence there blocks to the Political Zionist undemocratic goal of as near to a Jew only Population as possible. I have to ask — are you one of Netanyahu’s paid propagandists to attempt putting Israel in a better light on the internet sites where discussions of Israel’s Apartheid system is discussed ? If so you are utterly failing because your racism against the indigenous Semitic Palestinians is coming through very LOUDLY.

          • charliematerne

            How is a 20% non-Jewish population a “Jew only Population”?

    • Helen4Yemen

      95% of world Jewry is European Ashkenazi at 99.9% European DNA.
      Let them go home to where 99.9% of their ancestry is from:


      Name………………………. European DNA……. Middle Eastern DNA

      1) Alex Feinberg…………… 99.8% …………… 0%

      2) Dershowitz DNA………. 99.9% …………….0%

      3) Rabbi Hammerman…,,, 99.9% …………… 0%

      4) Tony Kushner…………… 99.9% …………….0%

      5) Joseph Cohen………….. 99.8% …………… 0%

      6) Bill Maher…………………..99.9% ……………..0%

      7) Neil Gaiman……………… 99.9% …………… .0%

      8) Jill Sobule………….. …….99.9% ……………..0%

      9) Alisa R Doctoroff…….. ..98.0% …………….. 0%

      10) A.J. Jacobs………………99.9% ……………. 0%


      replace + with .

  • If this is true, then I must say, it is truly sad. I mean, I’ve heard of Bedouin villages being destroyed before, and their people can barely feed their families.

  • Maureen

    “In my opinion, the state demolished the village in violation of the law, and went one step further to demand compensation for an act that wasn’t legal in the first place.”

    Not if the “village” was an ‘encampment.’