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Houthis prevent Yemen's ex-president from leaving Sanaa amidst high tension

Image of ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh [MolhiaAbo/Twitter]
Ousted Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh [MolhiaAbo/Twitter]

Houthi militias prevented Ali Abdullah Saleh from leaving the Yemeni capital on Sunday amidst high tension following bloody clashes between the armed groups and supporters of the ousted President, AlKhaleejonline.net has reported.

One report said that the Houthis issued a warning that prevents Saleh as well as his party leaders and members of the parliament from leaving Sanaa. The Shia militias have, it is said, surrounded Saleh's residence and set up checkpoints and security barriers.

Local reports claimed that five people were killed during the clashes between Saleh's supporters and the Houthis, including one senior officer.

"The Houthis erected dozens of security checkpoints across the northern side of the capital after clashes erupted in a residential neighbourhood," one eyewitness told Anadolu. "They also reinforced their presence in the area."

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